Commissioning process

A new way to start projects or undertake an evaluation. Commissioning provides clarity at the beginning of a project.

On this page, you will find a template that you can use when you are commissioning or being commissioned to undertake an evaluation.

Please adapt and use as needed. We have also suggested a simple commissioning process.

Why do commissioning?

Provide greater clarity on what is expected by when

Provide greater clarity on what is expected by when

Reduce needless rework

Reduce needless rework

Influence project direction

Influence project direction

When you and your team are ready to evaluate some past work or current projects, the following process should be helpful in getting started. There is also a guide by the NSW Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation that you may find helpful.

Evaluation Resources

These are resource and forms you will need when developing an evaluation.


Evaluation Commissioning Form

Email completed forms to:

Scoping Evaluation Cheat Sheet

Evaluation Plan Template

Evaluation Report Assessment Tool

Evaluation Report Assessment Tool Guidance